Corona audio diary

Staying connected while apart – an audio journal part 1

We’re all rearranging our lives these days and learning to stay connected with each other as the pandemic causes havoc to all aspects of the world as we know it. Caitlin and I (aka Hudson Valley Story Workshops) will be recording our daily happy hour check-ins and will post some of our conversations here. Our sense is that even as our personal situations might feel uniquely disruptive and difficult as we confront the very real complications of going broke and feeling isolated and caring for our children around the clock, sharing our stories and feelings will make this time feel less alienating and distressful. And if you want to share your feelings and stories with us, you should consider joining our bi-weekly (or maybe weekly depending on interest) Friday storytelling meet-up. You can read more about this and find the link to join our Zoom meeting here: On The Fly – Corona Edition

And here’s the first in a series of corona conversations. Have patience, we’re trying to figure out how all this technology works!



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