On The Fly – Corona Edition

otf corona edition insta

I think we’ve all been thinking a lot about the different ways in which we are connected with each other and the world around us in the last few weeks as our in-body interactions have been reduced to a minimum. I never knew how often I hug someone else until I wasn’t able to, and I find myself forcing my hands back into my coat pockets whenever I see a known face in the street or at the grocery store. I want to reach out to touch them, hug them, push them – anything that gives our connection a physical reality. But the kind and loving thing is now to stay away, keep our distance, go online.

Anyway, Caitlin and I are very sad to have to cancel ON THE FLY story slam for the foreseeable future and we will miss seeing all of you in the flesh. But we’re hoping that we can still share stories about our experiences of living through this crisis that requires us to socially distance ourselves from one another. We’re reaching out to invite you, our storytelling community, to join us every other week for an online ‘corona story hour’ or hang-out where we can share stories – the good, the bad, the weird and the funny – from our separate living rooms. We call it “On The Fly – corona edition.”

The first story hour will be next Friday, March 27 @ 7pm.

Join URL: https://albany.zoom.us/j/494922026


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