Next six-week story workshop starting in July 2019

Join us for another workshop in the art of crafting and telling your story. Over the course of six weeks, this workshop will introduce you to the principles of storytelling and teach you how to craft and tell your stories. At the end of the workshop, you will perform your story at On The Fly – a story slam where storytellers bring real-life stories to the stage every month.

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Storytelling Workshop Starting on October 27

pexels-photo-221345If you’ve ever listened to The Moth Story Hour or attended a story slam, you understand the power of stories to connect us and help us understand our experiences. And if you’re interested in learning how to tell YOUR story, then this workshop is for you. You will be introduced to the principles of storytelling and will learn to craft and share your own story. Using physical exploration, playmaking and mining the very richest parts of your personal story, you will learn to tell and ultimately perform your story with authenticity and confidence. In addition to performing their stories in the workshop setting, participants will be given the opportunity to perform their story at one of the monthly On The Fly Story Slams at Helsinki Hudson.

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